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2010-09-28 17:03:18 by JackTron7000



2008-11-24 20:45:57 by JackTron7000

Just lettin' y'all know I'm still here.


My next Flash!

2008-08-13 18:56:33 by JackTron7000

I plan to make a Flash about Super Smash Bros. Brawl (finally). What it's going to be about is a SURPRISE!

And about Bob and Dick? I actually might be, well, working on a different (better, but different) game, even if it only gets as far as a demo. So look out for Dungeons of the New Country sometime next year.

Now here's a funny picture to keep you entertained.

My next Flash!

Bob and Dick again

2008-07-02 12:02:47 by JackTron7000

I've decided! Bob and Dick will be a RANDOM game instead of a choose-your-own-adventure!

Bob and Dick

2008-06-26 08:43:01 by JackTron7000

Because the Actionscript might be too overwhelming for me, I may change the genre of the Bob and Dick game. Maybe a small RPG?

Disco Dance Funk Beat Removed.

2008-05-18 15:41:45 by JackTron7000

Yeah, I just couldn't stand it anymore, so I removed it from the site.

Sorry, but it was driving me crazy, and I think part of it I may have stolen from a piano book.

Listen to my other, BETTER song, Climactic Loop, which I must say I'm quite proud of.



If I can finish it and get the damn preloader to work, I will have a new flash soon.


2008-03-09 22:19:43 by JackTron7000

Look at my channel.
I haven't made any real poops yet, but you can expect one soon.

Two new Flashes!

2008-02-24 14:55:04 by JackTron7000

Well, I admit... I've been procrastinating on Bob and Dick. But I have been working on two other Flashes. One is a game where you make a comic strip! The other... Well, If you don't know what YouTube Poop is, go and watch some. My next Flash isn't going to be the first Newgrounds Poop, but it will be one of the best in my opinion.

Two new Flashes!

Another picture!

2008-01-19 21:56:04 by JackTron7000

Bob and Dick will be ready who knows when. I will be posting pictures of it every now and then, so you know I'm not blowing it off completely. This is the Title Screen.

Another picture!